MAXON Veneer Door NC - 44

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MAXON Veneer Door is made of thin covering of slices of wood that are typically pasted on top of Flush Door. The beauty of the door comes from the rich grains of wood. This makes the wood with rich grain expensive. The technology of Veneers prepares thin slices ofwood so that the grains of the wood are obtained. These slices are then pasted on top of less expensive wood blocks i.e. Flush Door which are available in abundance hence achieving the desired finish at low cost.


W : 78" / H : 32" (Thickness: 30mm)

Transportation Per Door Rs. 200 Extra. Delivery Lead Time 3 to 5 days...


Avaiable Sizes : (W: 78"/81") (H: 33"/36"/38") (Thickness: 30mm)

Brand Name MAXON
Model Number NC - 44
Application Type Solid Wood, Doors
Usage Residential and commercial complexes, schools, restaurants, hotels, offices
Dimension(L*W*H) W : 78" / H : 32" (Thickness: 30mm)
Net weight NA
Color/Finish Veneer Doors Natural Series
Place of Origin India
Warranty Yes
Material Veneer Doors Natural Series
After-sales Service Provided Yes
Load capacity/Life Cycle NA
Power(W) NA
Thickness 30 MM
Voltage NA
Number of Items 1
Speed NA
Packaging Details Corrugated sheet with Bubble Wrapping.
Delivery Detail Delivered Directly by Supplier. Tax & Transportation Extra..
Key Features Wood veneer has several advantages. It covers the solid lumber that can't be finished smoothly. It can also cover the inexpensive wooden boards and make the furniture look expensive.Veneer can create a beautiful surface to any wood. Since veneer is glued with a waterproof adhesive to a stable substrate it produces surfaces not prone to warp or splitting or seasonal movement.

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