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 S S Steel Finger Jointer Machine

We offer premium quality of Finger Joint...

Rs.153,400.00 Rs.146,320.00
 WOODTECH Finger Joint Assembler MHB-1560A

Our service portfolio includes Consultin...

Rs.1,691,020.00 Rs.1,521,918.00
 WOODTECH Finger Jointing Line MXB 3515B-C

Our service portfolio includes Consultin...

Rs.1,941,278.00 Rs.1,747,150.00
 WOODTECH Semi Auto Finger Joint Line FJL-150A

Our service portfolio includes Consultin...

Rs.4,436,895.00 Rs.3,993,205.00
Karan Industries Finger Shaping Machine

KARAN manufacture and supply best qualit...

Lamello Invisible Wood Joinery System Zeta P2

The P-System is based on a groove with a...

UMISONS Auto Function Jointer UI 806 MF

Once the job-piece is pressed and ready,...

UMISONS Auto Panel Assembler UI APA

Speed Up Your Production Of Panels Sp...

UMISONS Door Assembler UI-DA

From it's establishment in 1963, to its ...

UMISONS Frame Corner Jointer UI 4Star

Here, you don’t have to flip the wood to...

UMISONS Ply Core Zig Zag Cutter UI - PC Z

Zigzag setting of ply-core pieces improv...

UMISONS Pneumatic Clamping UI 408

Auto Drive Model With Pneumatic Clamping...

UMISONS Precise Counter Profile UI CP

Perfect counter profile cut with referen...

UMISONS Precise Panel Cutter UI PC

Double cutter makes cutting easy with pe...

UMISONS Rebating Machine UI Pass F

Faster frame rebating with valuable wood...

UMISONS Sliding End Saw UI TC 4

End Cutting of wooden planks in 90° for ...

UMISONS Wooden Beam Jointer UI-BJ

Stagger Butt Joints To Distribute Flaws ...

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