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American Softwoods Alaskan Yellow Cedar

The lightest in color of the naturally d...

American Softwoods Bald Cypress

Most cypress trees are native to the Sou...

American Softwoods California Redwood

Found exclusively in Northern California...

American Softwoods Douglas Fir

Straight-grained and moderately heavy, w...

American Softwoods Eastern White Pine

A creamy straw-colour that will darken w...

American Softwoods Engelmann Spruce

Among the lightest of the commercially i...

American Softwoods Hem-Fir

A species combination of the five true f...

American Softwoods Incense Cedar

Fine and uniformly textured with a disti...

American Softwoods Port Orford Cedar

Found in a small area of Southern Oregon...

American Softwoods Sitka Spruce

The creamy white to light yellow sapwood...

American Softwoods Southern Yellow Pine

The four main species of Southern Yellow...

American Softwoods Western Hemlock

Among the harder, stronger Western softw...

American Softwoods Western Larch

Distinct among commercial softwoods for ...

American Softwoods Western Pines

Often referred to as the White pines, th...

American Softwoods Western Red Cedar

A slow-growing, long-lived tree, whose a...

Krishna Lumbers Pine Sleepers

Krishna Lumbers Pvt Ltd Supplier of timb...

Krishna Lumbers Red Meranti

Red Meranti We are dealing in Red Merant...

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