Heesemann Brush Machine BM 8
On Request
Using a brush machine is indispensable for versatile applications e.g. for processing workpiece edge..
Heesemann Edge and Profile Sanding Machine UKP 20
The Heesemann edge and profile sanding machines use belt sanding units and brush units for constant ..
Heesemann Orbital Scratch Removal OSR I
When sanding frames and other work pieces with different grain directions sanding against the grain ..
Heesemann Orbital Scratch Removal OSR II
OSR II combines both, a calibrating machine and orbital scratch removal (OSR) units, in one machine...
Heesemann Sanding Veneer FBA 8
On Request
With the Heesemann FBA 8 a machine for processing veneers with a thickness between 0.4 and 5 mm is a..
Heesemann Surface Sanding Machine HSM .2/.3
Heesemann HSM is the accurately fitting surface sanding machine for the needs of small and medium-si..
Heesemann Surface Sanding Machine Impression
The Impression offers proved industrial machines technology for craftsmen, interior fitting and indu..
Heesemann Surface Sanding Machine KSA 8
For sanding widths of 1,600 mm, 2,000 mm, 2,300 mm and 2,600 mm our programme offers the machine ser..
Heesemann Surface Sanding Machine LSM 8
The LSM 8 series fulfils highest demands in respect to power of performance and modern technique. Th..
Heesemann Surface Sanding Machine LSM 8-C
LSM 8-C is a completely new calibrating machine based on the legendary, three-shift operation LSM 8...
Heesemann Surface Sanding Machine MFA 10
The MFA 10 is a real all-round talent for all sanding tasks. It can be flexibly equipped for all con..
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