RIEPE Cleaning Agent LP163/93®
Spray onto the upper and lower edge area of the workpiece • Removal of release agent and loose glue..
RIEPE Edging Material Moistening Acrylic - Aluminium
The antistatic cooling agent spraying unit can be equipped with an additional fine spray nozzle. Thi..
RIEPE Electronically controlled antistatic-coolant spraying unit
To cool the glue joint and statically discharge the edging material The perfect addition to the rel..
RIEPE Electronically controlled cleaning agent spraying unit
This unit is used to spray the cleaning agent LP163/93® on the top and bottom surface of the board e..
RIEPE Release Agent LP113/03®
The Release Agent LP113/03® is sprayed onto the corner area of the glued on longitudinal edge to pre..
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