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Product Code: 0.8" x 30" 4oR Solid Super Glossy Edge Band Tape
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4OR Edgebands are one of the first in its segment, to have international certifications and lead-free development technology.

4OR Edgebands come with the following benefits.

  • Protection of wooden panels in your furniture from humidity, liquid spills and impacts, thereby enhancing durability of wood.
  • The UV hardened acrylic varnish makes 4OR edgebands highly resistant to scratching and abrasion.
  • 4OR Edgebands scores excellent surface hardened pursuant on DIN EN ISO 2039-1 and DIN EN ISO 868 standards.
  • Lead free production that completely eliminates chances of lead poisoning. ISO and CE standardisation that certify quality, safety and durability.
  • Our product portfolio is spread over 140 products with over 500 SKUs.
  • Our Edgebands come in 4 design types and 2 finishes.

Transportation Will be Extra. Delivery Lead Time 3 to 4 Days

Brand Name 4oR
Model Number 0.8" x 30" 4oR Solid Super Glossy Edge Band Tape
Application Type Panel Processing
Usage Apply at edges of the furniture
Net weight NA
Place of Origin India
Warranty Yes
Material Material - PVC
Thickness 0.8" x 30"
Packaging Details Packing Shrink Wrapped
Delivery Detail Delivered directly by manufacturer.

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