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Product Code: Klazovyn KDC-71 Door Closer (Sleek)
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Applicable door width 800mm-1100mm
Applicable door weight 40kg-65kg
Applicable section of closing speed 1800-200
Adjustable section of latching speed 200 – 00
The door closer is suitable for installing in various doors, such as wooden doors, metal doors etc. 
The door closer can be chosen to stop or unstop at will.
Continuous adjustment of closing & latching speed : the fast speed can be adjusted to within 3 seconds from 900 degree, slowness close can be reach to 60 seconds or more.
Brand Name Klazovyn, Janson Enterprises
Model Number Klazovyn KDC-71 Door Closer (Sleek)
Application Type Doors & Windows Fittings
Usage Doors & Wardrobe
Net weight NA
Color/Finish Stainless Steel
Place of Origin India
Material Stainless Steel
Thickness 40Kg 65Kg
Packaging Details Packed in carton box
Delivery Detail Delivered through dealers. Transportation charges on actuals.

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