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The glue mechanism adopt a special structure to gelatinize the plates and coating materials uniformly, ensure a more solid conglutination. End -trimming mechanism through a precise guide track movement, adopt automatic tracking and high -frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the cutting surface smoothly. Rough/Fine trimming mechanism used for repairing the excess edge materials, adopt automatic tracking and high frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the trimming plates smoothly. Scraping unit for a perfect finishing of the applied edge. The buffing device adopt the board processed by cotton polishing wheel, by endpolishing to make a more smooth surface.
Brand Name Ruei Industries
Model Number RI-528 A
Application Type Panel Processing, Solidwood Processing
Usage Adopt to the linear sealing of PVC, Wood plank and Veneer etc.
Dimension(L*W*H) 4800x900x1400mm
Net weight 2000kg
Place of Origin India
Warranty Yes
Load capacity/Life Cycle NA
Thickness 12-55mm
Voltage NA
Speed 5-20m/min
Packaging Details Standard Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Detail Delivered and installed by manufacturer. Cost on actuals.
Key Features Using imported quality engines and electronic components. Serialized products, a wide range of selection by customers. High precision and efficiency.

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