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Gattani Ply Blockboard is manufactured with selected and seasoned pine planks. The planks are treated with preservatives of special quality to resisi borer termite and fungi attack and later kiln dried at a technically laid temperature schedule. 'Gattani Ply' drying technology and temperature control parameters are tough to maintain elsewhere and rare in the industry but is very helpful in getting balanced and straight planks. With a high MOE and MOR factor 'Gattani Ply' blockboards are very suitable for Indian houses. 'Gattani Ply' blockboards are available in MR COM and BWP COM grade for interior and exterior applications respectively.
Brand Name Gattani Industries
Model Number Gattani Block Board
Application Type Panel Processing
Usage Furniture making, homes, offices, business centers, hotels etc.
Place of Origin India
Warranty Yes
Material Wood, phenol– formaldehyde resin
Thickness 19, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45mm
Packaging Details Corrugated sheet with Bubble Wrapping.
Delivery Detail Delivered through dealers and distributors. Delivery charges on actual.

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