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Dormak Laminated Doors are specified where absolute face aesthetic uniformly is desired. These doors are laminated with high pressure laminate sheet of 1 mm. The base is manufactured by seasoned battens and frames with waterproof PF resin. Tubular core is also used to fill the doors. Laminate doors are available in board range of design options, using high quality laminate sheet for zero maintenance and long life.
Brand Name DORMAK
Model Number Laminated Door DK124 M378
Application Type Solid Wood, Doors
Usage Residential and commercial complexes, schools, restaurants, hotels, offices
Place of Origin India
Warranty NA
Material Laminated Doors
Thickness Thickness: 32, 35, 37 mm
Packaging Details First packed in PVC bag then in corrugated box.
Delivery Detail Delivered Directly by Supplier. Tax & Transportation Extra.

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