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With more than 55 per cent of its land area under natural forest, Malaysia is home to over 2,650 tree species, many of which are of commercial importance. Malaysia’s location in the tropics means that its trees have 365 growing days in a year. This allows the trees ample time to grow and develop without seasonal interruptions. Apart from its intrinsic beauty, wood is highly versatile, has good insulation properties and is strong yet easy to use. Malaysia has a myriad selection of timbers from which to choose, and they have been utilised in various structural and interior applications, most notably for luxury resorts and private dream homes. The multitude of colours and grains available represents an artist’s palette, enabling an endless expression of creativity for architects and interior designers.
Brand Name Malaysian Timber Council
Model Number Balau
Application Type Solid Wood & Panel Processing
Usage Decking, Door & Window Frames, Bridges, Wharves, Piling, Beams, Boat Framing, Heavy Duty, Flooring, Heavy Duty, Furniture
Place of Origin Malaysia
Warranty Yes
Material Heavy Hardwood
Thickness NA
Packaging Details Corrugated sheet with Bubble Wrapping.
Delivery Detail Delivery charges on actual.

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