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Hide or decoratively accent your exposed pocket holes with these high-quality, trimmable, solid-wood plugs. For use with materials from 1/2"- to 11/2" thick. You have selected a 50-count package of solid-wood (cedar) pocket-hole plugs. Also available in cherry, maple, oak, pine, walnut, and paint-grade.
Brand Name Kreg
Model Number P-PNT
Application Type Panel Processing
Usage Joining Solutions
Net weight 50
Place of Origin United State
Warranty Yes
Material Solid-wood (paint-grade)
Load capacity/Life Cycle NA
Thickness NA
Voltage NA
Speed NA
Packaging Details Standard Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Detail Delivered through dealers. Inclusive of Tax
Key Features Hide or decoratively accent exposed pocket holes Highly-quality, trimmable, solid-wood plugs For use with 1/2"- to 11/2" thick material Solid-wood plugs available in seven wood species

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