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We Europtech are the official partner for Casadei Industria range of Machines in India. We are in the market since 1994, producing Automatic Edge Banding Machines for small/medium industries at the Republic of San Marino, Europe. We are an avant-garde company producing Automatic Edge Banding Machines for the wood processing Industry. The Edge Banding Machines conceived by Casadei Industria is extremely simple and versatile to use on different applications, a plus which guarantee these machines to adapt themselves to the needs of the clients Summarizing, three are the features which make the Edge Banding Machines manufactured by Casadei Industria a top product range: • Easy to use • Compact and sturdy machines • Good quality/price ratio
Brand Name Casadei Industria (Promoted by Europtech)
Model Number K60M
Application Type Panel Processing
Usage Through-Feed Edge Banding Solution
Dimension(L*W*H) NA
Net weight NA
Place of Origin Republic of San Marino, Europe
Warranty Yes
Load capacity/Life Cycle Panel Length Min. 120mm / Panel Width Min. 110mm / Glue Capacity 2 kg
Thickness Panel Thickness Min 8mm to Max 60mm / Edge Thickness 0.4mm to 3mm (coils), 0.4mm to 5mm (Strips) (10mm Opt.)
Voltage 400/50 V/Hz
Speed 11 m/min
Packaging Details Standard Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Detail Delivered and installed by manufacturer. Cost on actuals.
Key Features • K60 PM is an Automatic Edge Bander with Chain feeding, pre-milling and corner rounding. • Two Diamond cutter blocks rotating in opposite direction to obtain an invisible gluing line with a Diameter of 60mm and height of 64mm, 2 extra hoods of 80mm Dia. • Max milling adjustment of 2 mm with panel heights 8–60 mm • Feed guide with micrometric adjustment 0mm - 2 mm • 3 free spaces available for finishing units – 1. Edge scraper: perfect edge finishing, even in backlight. 2. Glue scraper: removes glue residues, guaranteeing perfect panel finishing. 3. Buffing unit: which polishes, giving uniformity to the colour of the edge where it has been processed • Up to 10 mm wooden strips for panel height up to 60 mm (option available on request) 1. Automatic strips loading 2. Strip feeding by pin roller 3. Strips storage capacity up to 150 mm 4. 1st motorized aluminum pressure roller - ø 110mm

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