Brand: Indaux India, INDAmatic
Product Code: Ariane H116, 500mm depth Anthracite Color
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ARIANE is the new INDAUX double wall drawer. A new minimalist and polished esthetical drawer’s concept composition system that will offer multiple choices at your home organisation. The ARIANE pan drawer is made with a single H116mm. height piece, what guarantees a polished line esthetical and makes drawer assembly much easier as non-additional pieces are required for drawer assembly. It is an ideal pan drawer as for storage use.
Brand Name Indaux India, INDAmatic
Model Number Ariane H116, 500mm depth Anthracite Color
Application Type Kitchen
Usage Kitchen Organisers
Place of Origin India
Warranty Yes
Material Anthracite / Metallic Grey / Stainless Steel / White
Thickness NA
Packaging Details Packed in carton box
Delivery Detail Delivered through dealers. Transportation charges on actuals.
Key Features When creating different design ambiences, the inner drawer will bring flexibility with or without drawer front. It will multiply organisation possibilities in combination with the pan drawer either than with any other drawers. The conception of this drawer has been designed in order to have the use of the storage volume with efficiency. The colour of the fronts as the non-metallic elements is produced in the same colour as the drawer lateral so we can get uniformity in the design.

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