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"Richfill Glue Absorber", is a speciality product developed scientifically to reduce glue spots on face veneer. It improves the beauty of face veneer, reduces air lines, helps to bond face with core.

Brand Name Richfill
Model Number Glue Absorber
Application Type Decorative Veneer, Plywood, flush door
Net weight 20 Kg (Minimum Order Quantity)
Color/Finish NA
Place of Origin Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Load capacity/Life Cycle Longer
Packaging Details Paper laminated HDPE Bag
Delivery Detail Delivered through manufacturer. Delivery Time - Within 15 days (Transportation extra)
Key Features Reduces dark spots on the face veneer, Improves the brightness of face veneer, Helps to fill core gaps, Improves the quality of plywood, Beautifies face.

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