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Product Code: JVG Enterprises Hanging Recipe Holder
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JVG Concept of quality is comprehensive and does not only apply to its products. Services and cooperation with customers. Wheather in kitchens, living tooms, bathroom or offices, Jvg products are a good idea in every room because they provide clear visibility and smart storage solutions. Jvg has been investigating the needs of kitchen, wardrobe or bathroom users for year and invent new products tah make ipening and closing furniture simple and convenient for the users.
Brand Name JVG Enterprises
Model Number JVG Enterprises Hanging Recipe Holder
Application Type Kitchen
Usage Kitchen Organisers, Modular Kitchen Accessories
Net weight NA
Color/Finish Stainless Steel Finishing
Place of Origin India
Warranty Yes
Material Stainless Steel Finishing
Packaging Details Packed in carton box
Delivery Detail Delivered through dealers. Transportation charges on actuals.

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