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Product Code: Gabbiano metallic High-gloss 6339B Matt 1900L
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RAUVISIO Brilliant - Acrylic laminate Gabbiano Metallic HG

RAUVISIO brilliant – Acrylic laminate front panels RAUVISIO brilliant front panels emphasise the latest trends in furniture and living space design. RAUVISIO brilliant’s outstanding depth effect makes it a great alternative to high-end lacquered elements within surfaces, allowing you to create exceptionally beautiful, coated front panels. The acrylic laminate material has numerous benefits, including long-term UV resistance – proven to last for at least 20 years of indoor use. Furthermore, it’s a versatile surface with outstanding colour and shine, and can be cut to size using standard woodworking tools.

Key features at-a-glance

So easy to work with:

  • Can be worked on with standard woodworking tools
  • Up to 60% cheaper to produce than lacquered components
  • And great for your customers too:
  • Colour-fast and UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Furnished with 100% matched edgeband - made to order The range at a glance
  • Pressed components
  • RAUVISIO brilliant SR
  • Pressed large board (2,800 x 1,300 x 17/19 mm)

Transportation will be Extra. Delivery Lead time 10 to 12 Days.

Brand Name REHAU
Model Number Gabbiano metallic High-gloss 6339B Matt 1900L
Application Type Panel Processing
Usage Partitioning, Paneling, False Ceiling, Cupboard Shutters, Furniture, Panel Door inserts.
Material High Gloss Shutter
Thickness 2,800 x 1,300 x 17/19 mm
Packaging Details Corrugated sheet with Bubble Wrapping.
Delivery Detail Delivered through dealers and distributors. Delivery charges on actual.

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