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Digital printing uses a machine/device that uses UV inkjet to print Wood grain designs onto various Substrates like solid wood, PVC/WPC, MDF,HDF,Glass and Plywood which are used in the door and furniture industry. This technology can easily print different horizontal and vertical woodgrains at the same time with a seamless finish. It is a revolutionary tool for the furniture and doors industry because it can copy any design so accurately that it's difficult to identify if it's a digital printing product or a real veneer.. It can even do the digital Prints inside the Groves also.

Digital Printing is a great asset because of its efficiency to print any custom design patterns on doors or furniture. Making a versatile tool with a lot of potential in terms of creativity and usefulness.

Special Features

  • Endless Possibilities for customizations
  • Print inside the groves also
  • Can print any design on any surface
  • Can print Horizontal and vertical direction vanee r finish as same time
  • Seamless finish like wood veneer
  • Extremely economical
  • Highly productive’
  • Saves time
Brand Name Fusion Group
Model Number CI-UV2513-G6
Application Type UV Flatbed Printer
Usage Ceramic tile, glass, acrylic, PVC form board, KT Board, ABS board, wood, Steel, aluminum, Titanium plate, corrugated boardm leather, ACP.
Dimension(L*W*H) Printing Size: 2m*1.25m / Dimensions: L: 2.15m / W: 3.93m / H: 1.4m
Net weight NA
Place of Origin India
Warranty Yes
Load capacity/Life Cycle NA
Thickness 0-100mm ( Customized Thickness is acceptable )
Speed Production Mode: 140m2/h
Packaging Details Standard Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Detail Installed directly by manufacturer

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