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EXTENDO DRAWER SHELVES This discreet pull-out shelf blends perfectly in kitchens, living rooms and dressing rooms. It combines direct access through the front of the shelf with an excellent overview of shelf contents, making it truly unique. The unobtrusive magnetic non-slip mat stick to the shelf surface & can be removed easily for cleaning. The shelf’s closed base and rim prevent objects from falling out or jamming. The material’s rigidity makes it especially suitable for use in widths of 450, 600 & 900mm. The shelves are easy to clean thanks to their curved corners. Also suitable for use with sliding doors. Shelf for full-extension and partial-extension runners with no distance rail. Suitable for use in open shelf units or as an internal pull-out behind front pull-outs, sliding doors or hinged doors with concealed hinges. Shelf for full-extension and partial-extension runners with a distance rail (25mm) on the hinge side. Suitable for use in units with hinged doors.
Brand Name EBCO
Model Number K-EXTF-60-AT
Application Type Kitchen
Usage Kitchen Organisers
Net weight NA
Color/Finish Anthracite
Place of Origin India
Warranty Yes
Material Anthracite
Speed NA
Packaging Details Packed in carton box
Delivery Detail Delivered through dealers. Transportation charges on actuals.
Key Features NA

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