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Phoenix Random Orbit Sander
Brand Name Bosch, Phoenix Agencies
Model Number GEX150AVE
Application Type Panel Processing & Solid Wood Processing
Usage Random Orbit Sander
Net weight 7.2 pounds
Place of Origin Blue, Sliver
Warranty Yes
Material NA
Load capacity/Life Cycle 120 volts
Thickness NA
Voltage Variable-Speed
Speed Packed in carton box
Packaging Details Delivered through dealers. Transportation charges on actuals.
Delivery Detail Corded random orbit sander with low vibration to release your hands from buzz Fully decoupled housing for best removal rate and highest surface quality of its class High mobile dust collection rate with Bosch Micro fi lter dust box for being environment friendly Exchangeable pad diameter Other features Powerful motor with electronic for good removal rate under load Greaseless friction brake for quick stops and full work effi ciency Direct access to vacuum cleaner hose without an adapter

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