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At the wake of a promising new year, there is a shift towards e-commerce and consumers are seeking the advantages offered by e-commerce, such as wider choice and better offers, while businesses see e-commerce as an opportunity to reach more customers to grow. Over the past few years, we’ve assembled a team to create a new platform offering that is products, technology, service, trends, and much more from woodworking industry.

Woodzon - Contributing causally to a result

Founded in 2016 and based in Bangalore, India, Woodzon is India’s largest online-to-offline marketplace for woodworking industry, showcasing machineries, materials, hardware, tools and allied products. Woodzon is a trusted community for people from woodworking industry to list, buy and discover unique products, services, technology, solutions, designs and updates around the world.

Whether hand tool for carpentry, decorative finishes for interiors, or a complete woodworking production line, Woodzon connects woodworkers to unique buying experiences, at any price point, from more than 1,000 categories and 1,00,000 products. This is 1st version of our efforts and it's compatibly designed for the computer, mobile and tablet devices that increasingly dominate our lives. The experience of visiting this portal will be further enriched by customer reviews, recommended products, finance support, project consultation and much more.

Why Woodzon?

The furniture industry in India is estimated to be worth around Rs. 2,80,000 crore and is said to be growing at a rate of 30% CAGR. India possesses around 100,000 registered woodware units and more than 200,000 artisans along with countless other woodworking related units in the sector. The sector offers tremendous growth opportunities for existing woodworking industries and emerging entrepreneurs alike but the sector is highly unorganized and only about 15% is in the organized sector. In this current scenario, the key to success for any unit is machinery & tools for more volume at less wastage and quality hardware & materials offering better functionalities and finishes to final product.


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With new opportunities come new challenges.

Woodzon aims to facilitate the growth of woodworking industry by offering an ideal platform to woodworking professionals, which starts off with a well scrutinized online source guide for various machineries, materials, tools, hardware, technology and allied products. We understand that effectiveness of both advanced and quality products, achieved with perceived savings in time and money, is the key to a wise purchase decision. The experience of visiting this portal will be further enriched by customer reviews, experts’ comments, case studies, finance support, design studio, b2b sessions and much more.

Find and conduct new business. Need of the hour for manufacturers & sellers.

For large, medium and small businesses who wish to sell their merchandize to millions of customers spread across, metros, tier 2 & 3 cities and even smaller towns, need an economically viable platform which cost them minimum and reach the maximum. The global span of the Internet allows many-to-many interactions. In addition the costs of finding and promoting new customers are minimal through such e-marketplaces.

Woodzon provides a smart and simple business platform on the cloud, where you can manage products & offers, with very little effort. You can also find reports and analysis about your products, to plan your marketing initiatives. Woodzon offers sales, branding and awareness under single medium and also offering flexible options to accommodate different budget and branding requirements. Some of the very premium brands of our industry are already with us and we have attractive welcome offers on our website.

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If you have any questions, please call us on +91 522 3800064 or send an email to info@woodzon.com , we are happy to help you.

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