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 GENC Acrylic Base VA901.10

"VA901.10 is one-component acrylic base ...

 GENC Acrylic Spray Boya DS700.00

"DS700.00.XXXX Genç Acrylic Spray Boya ...

 GENC Cellulosic Wood Colourant VN101.00

"Genc Professional Cellulosic Coloured V...

 GENC Colored Wood Varnish BS505.00

"BS505.00.XXXX is a alkyd resin based de...

 GENC Enamel Gloss BS200.00XX

"BS200.XX is an alkyd based solvent born...

 GENC Enamel Matt BS200.XX

"BS200.XX is an alkyd based solvent born...

 GENC Enamel Primer BS100.77.1000

"BS100.77 is a synthetic based pigmented...

 GENC Glass Paint Matt CW900.15

"CW900.15 is water based decorative pain...

 GENC Metallic Paste PM901.00

"PM901.00 is a concentrated solvent-base...

 GENC Paint Remover BO100.00

"BO100.00.0000 is a solvent based paint ...

 GENC Parquet Filler VN106.77.0000

"Genç Parquet Sanding Sealer is a nitroc...

 GENC Parquet Varnish VS100.XX.0000

"Genc Synthetic Parquet Varnish is a ure...

VO901.00 is a solvent based patina base ...

 GENC Patina Paint ZD420.00

"ZD420.00 is solvent based stains which ...

 GENC Varnish Colourant ZD900.00

"ZD900.00 Gençmix Color Adaptors are hig...

 TD PURE High solid zero VOC natural oil base & top coat

TD Pure is a high solid natural oil with...

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