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HOMAG Edge Banding Machine EDGETEQ S-230

Small Machines to help you grow

  • The focus for the development of the EDGETEQ S-230 Series was to offer a complete processing solution in the entry level segment, with features which were previously only available on larger machines.
  • All machines are equipped with a precision gluing unit, a tiltable end trimming unit for straight and chamfer trimming and a top/bottom trimming unit. The feed speed of these models are 11 m/min.
  • For the complete processing options and a perfect finish, add a joint trimming unit, a contour trimming unit, a radius scraper, a glue joint scraper or a buffing unit.
Brand Name HOMAG
Model Number EDGETEQ S-230
Application Type Panel Processing
Usage Edge Banding Solutions
Dimension(L*W*H) Working Dimensions - 1300 x 2180mm
Net weight approx. 1320 kg
Place of Origin Germany
Warranty Yes
Load capacity/Life Cycle Pneumatic - 6 bar
Thickness 8 - 50mm
Voltage 10 kW
Speed NA
Packaging Details Standard Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Detail Installed directly by manufacturer
Key Features EasyControl EC 10+, offering every “plus” for the customer + High operating convienence through simple menu format and optimized linepoint adjustment. + Fast access to all unit functions through dedicated control buttons. + Quick change over to different edgebanding material through user-defined programs. + Easy to read large 4-line operating display + Clear text error diagnostics provide high operating convenience

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